• The Birth of Crapless Craps

    crapless craps is a popular and exciting variation of the casino dice game known as craps. It may appear to be similar with the dice game, but there are differences in the rules followed in this variation. In determining the origin of this game, it is important that players take a look on how craps started and became famous in most casinos, since its popularity is one of the main factors that contributed to the birth of crapless craps.

    The history of craps can be traced prior to the development of most casino games. In ancient times, dice games are some of the activities done by people during their leisure time. There are evidences uncovered by archaeologists and historians such as paintings of people playing with dice, which proved that dice games existed in early civilizations.

    Gambling experts believe that craps was patterned after the dice game called Hazards that was developed and introduced to crusaders in the 12th century. After some time Hazards was brought and was played by early people in France. Through time, French people began calling the game crabs which is the other name for craps.

    Centuries have past and the popularity of craps was observed. It became one of the most admired and visited games in gambling establishments. When French colonized the United States, the game was brought in the country and it became popular to people traveling through the Mississippi river, until most of the states along the river began to play the dice game.

    The concept of the game spread in other states of the country, until a prominent mathematician named Stewart N. Ethier put some alterations in the mechanics of craps. One of the major changes in the rules of the game is the inclusion of point numbers such as two. The inclusion of these numbers is aimed at improving the chances of players. In this regard, three decades ago, crapless craps was developed and introduced in the United States.

    To be assured that he will be recognized as the inventor or developer of the game, Ethier filed a patent for the game. The application for patent was approved under the United States Patent 7134660. The approval of the patent is the reason why many casinos cannot offer crapless craps in their facilities because they have to pay a licensing fee before they can use the game.

    Even if the game is in its initial phase, it is important that players know how crapless craps was created. Hence, the events that contributed to the development and popularization of the game will play a significant role in the trends in the game in the future.

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