• Placing a Bet on the Six and Eight in Crapless Craps

    It is important that players have an idea about the house edge of the game before they play it because it is one of the indicators of players' odds in the game. It is believed that if a game has a higher house edge then players will have lesser odds. In this regard, it will be helpful if players choose a casino game that has lower house edges.

    But what if the game is exciting and players cannot help themselves from trying it even if they know that it has a higher house edge, what is the best thing to do? In this case, if players are really interested in playing the game, the best that they can do is look for writings in publications and the Internet that would provide them information about the most efficient and reliable betting systems that they can use in the game.

    Most players prefer playing craps than crapless craps because the latter has a higher house edge. However, many players still want to try the game despite the idea that they will have better chances if they play craps. To those who are really interested in the game, they should know that one of the best moves that they can make is to bet on sixes and eights.

    Placing bets on sixes and eights is better than placing bets on fours and tens. According to studies, this type of bet can lower the house edge of crapless craps to 1.52 per cent, unlike the bets on fours and tens which can also cause the house edge to lower to 1.67 per cent. Betting on sixes and eights also offer a chance to players to further decrease the house edge of the game to 0.95 per cent if they increase the amount of bet that they will place. This is because the house edge of the game mostly depends on the type and amount of bet placed by a player.

    It will also be a helpful if a player is skilled in throwing the dice because the game does not just depend on one's luck but it also depends on the skills of players. In this manner, it is important that a player masters the skill of dice throwing as well as monitor the numbers that usually come out in a set of dice rolls.

    As mentioned, players should not be affected if the game has a greater house edge, what they do is to know the effective techniques and strategies to use in the game. In playing craps, it is important that they should know that placing bets on sixes and eights is a great help to them as compared with other bets like the pass line bet.

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