• Knowing the Best Bet in Crapless Craps

    crapless craps is one of the new casino games that are becoming popular to players. It was developed just three decades ago by a mathematician in the United States. To ensure that the creator will profit from the invention, the mathematician assured that the game will have a patent or copyright. In this regard, crapless craps are present in few casinos because most of these establishments do not want to pay the licensing fee for the game.

    The game has a higher house edge than craps. This is one of the reasons why some players are discouraged to try the game. However, players should not lose hope because there are many ways to improve their chances or odds in crapless craps. What is important is that they know every detail of the game and which is the best bet considered by professional players.

    Even if players will not lose in a come out roll every time they placed a pass line bet, they are not encouraged to use this type of bet all the time mainly because a pass line bet increases the house edge of the game to almost 5.4 per cent. It is proven that a pass line bet increases the point numbers of players but what decreases their odds is their chance to win if an eleven is rolled.

    In this regard, the best bet to make in crapless craps is the free odds bet. If a player placed a free odds bet on two and twelve, then that player has a six to one chance of winning. On the other hand, if a player placed this type of bet on three and eleven, the player will have a three is to one odds of winning. According to experts, this type of bet is capable of decreasing the house edge of the game from one to three percent. The decrease in the house edge depends on the amount of bet placed by players.

    This game is also called by other casino players as never ever craps and ruse craps since they believe that it offer lesser chances of winning. However, the house edge of the game will not greatly affect the odds of players if they know the various methods to enhance their chances. The free odds bet is the most recommended type of bet that players must use in the game to assure that they will improve their odds in crapless craps.

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