• House Edge and Odds in Crapless Craps

    Craps is a dice game that usually attracts other players because the excitement and enjoyment experienced by craps professional players are clearly seen in their emotions and actions. New visitors in gambling establishments can observe that the section in casinos where craps players are playing is commonly noisy since they do not hide their true feelings while players try their luck in the game.

    Several decades ago, a new variation of the game was developed by a famous mathematician from the United States. Since the development of crapless craps, many gamblers and casino players are addicted to it because it is more exciting and thrilling. The creator of the game has altered some of the rules in the game which made it more enjoyable to play. However, crapless craps has a patent so casino owners should pay a licensing fee before they can offer the game in their facilities. This is the primary reason why the game is not present in most casinos from around the world.

    The changes in the mechanics of the game led to the development of different odds of players. According to gambling experts, crapless craps has a greater house edge than craps. The alterations in the rules of crapless craps do not just affect the odds but also the house edge of the game. In this regard, it is found that the game has a 5.382 per cent house edge.

    On the other hand, crapless craps players have different odds depending on the type of bet that they placed. Based on studies conducted by analysts, there is a probability that in seven rolls of dice, only one roll will have an outcome of two or 12. In addition, in four rolls of dice, players will have a single chance of getting 11. The above mentioned numbers are the point numbers as well as the numbers where players will win.

    The advantageous side of crapless craps is that it has many point numbers which showed that players who placed a pass bet will not lose every time a come out roll occurs. This modification in the game increases the interest of players in crapless craps since they will have better chance of winning if they place a pass bet.

    Players should not worry about the house edge of the game because there are many betting systems that can be used to enhance the odds of players. Thus, all the players should do is to know and learn how these betting techniques can be used in the game because they will lead them to their successes.

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