• Comparison Between Crapless Craps and Simplified Craps

    Just like roulette and poker, the casino dice game craps also has many variations. Some of these variations are widely seen in gambling establishments while there are few that are popular but are not prominent in casinos. crapless craps and simplified craps are two of the most famous variations of craps. This section will help craps players decide which of the two variations is the best to play.

    Let us have a closer look on crapless craps first since it is the less prominent craps variation. Even if the game is not prominent in gambling establishments many players are still hooked with this craps variation because it is exciting to play. Since crapless craps has a copyright, many casinos do not pay licensing fees for a game, so it is not seen in all international casinos.

    Many gamblers criticize the game for having a greater house edge because every outcome of a roll aside from two is considered as a point number when players placed a pass line bet. Hence, players lose their chance to win if an eleven is rolled. They only have one chance of winning that is when a two is rolled.

    To those who do not have enough knowledge about crapless craps, they can easily be discouraged just by knowing this aspect of the game. However, if they will just learn every detail of the game, they will know that there are particular bets to be placed that would decrease the house edge of crapless craps to less than one percent. One of these is by placing free odds bet.

    On the other hand, simplified craps is easier to play than crapless craps. In simplified craps, all the players should know is that there are six numbers that should be rolled for them to win. Players also have five numbers to avoid because they will lose if these numbers are rolled. In this regard, the game is believed to have a house edge of 2.8 per cent and players do not have great chance of winning. Having an almost 50-50 chance of winning is not advisable to those who play the game for the sake of increasing their income.

    In this manner, even if simplified craps is easier to play than crapless craps, the latter is still more recommended to players because it will provide them better chance of winning if they use effective betting systems. Every craps player is reminded that it will be better to first know their odds in the game before they play it. The rules applied in a game should not be the primary factor to be considered when playing a variation of craps. It is the odds of players that should be the basis for selecting which is the best version to play.

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