• Comparison Between Crapless Craps and New York Craps

    The popularity of the dice game craps among casino players led to the creation of the different variations of the game. The different versions of the dice game do not have the same house edge. Some of them have greater house edges than the other. In this regard, it is important that players know which of these variations will be beneficial and advantageous for them if they play them.

    crapless craps and New York craps are two of the most exciting variations of craps. For the sake of craps players who do not know every detail of these variations, this section will focus on the similarities and differences between crapless craps and New York craps. In this manner, they can decide for themselves which of the two versions will give them better odds or chances of winning.

    New York craps is commonly seen in casinos located at the Eastern region of the United States. However, there are also gambling establishments in Great Britain, Yugoslavia and Bahamas that offer this kind of craps. The table layout and the mechanics of New York craps are really different from crapless craps and other variations of craps.

    The table of New York craps is called by casino players as the double-end-dealer. Two dealers can be seen at the two ends of the table and there is a stickman which stands in the middle of the table. There is also a lookman who is in-charged with overseeing the bets placed by players and the results of dice rolls.

    In New York craps, a place bet is not allowed by dealers. One of the disadvantages of this craps variation is that aside from its house edge, casinos always get five per cent commission from every winning bets placed by players.

    On the other hand, crapless craps is more similar to ordinary craps. However, there are just modifications in some of the rules like players are not allowed to place a don't pass don't come bet. In this game, casinos do not get commission from winning bets. Also, players have better odds since all the numbers aside from two that will be the results of dice rolls are considered as point numbers.

    For beginners, it will be better if they play crapless craps than New York craps, because the mechanics of this craps variation is easier to follow. Furthermore, crapless craps offers better odds to players who want to enhance their stakes and winnings.

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