• Avoiding the Worst Bet in Crapless Craps

    House edge is one of the first elements assessed by professional casino players before they play a gambling game. It refers to the average loss that can be incurred by gamblers from an initial bet that they place. In this regard, house edge can decrease or increase the chances of players. However, players should not concentrate on house edge alone because there are still other ways to improve the odds of players in a particular game.

    Just like any other games that can be played by gamblers in casinos, there are certain bets that crapless craps players should avoid every time they play the game. The worst bet or bets in the game are important because it would affect the odds of players. Many criticisms are raised against crapless craps. One of these is that it has greater house edge than the dice game craps. If players know what bets to avoid in crapless craps, then they do not have to worry that their chances are lessened every time they try their luck in the game.

    There are different bets that can be used in crapless craps. It is important that players have a deep knowledge about the best bets to use because they will direct them to success. On the other hand, a failure to use the most efficient bet can direct players to losing streaks. There are publications and Web sites in the Internet which offers tips on improving the odds of crapless craps players. All they have to do is be diligent and resourceful.

    It will be a misperception if a player believes that placing a pass line bet is the best bet in the game because it is the exact opposite. The pass line bet may be attractive to players because all the numbers aside from seven in the dice are considered point number. However if they will just closely examine the game, they will learn that placing a pass line bet can increase the house edge of crapless craps to 5.4 per cent because players lose the chance of winning if they roll an eleven.

    One of the most advantageous moves in the game is when a player used the universal six and eight bet in craps. This type of bet is considered effective in crapless craps because it decreases the house edge of the game to at most three per cent.

    Knowing the most adventurous and worst bet in crapless craps is important to the odds and success of every player. If a player is determined to enhance one's income, the best thing to do is to avoid placing a pass line bet in this game even if it appears to be lucrative and tempting.

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