• Rules in Crapless Craps

    One of the important aspects that every casino player should know and learn before one participates in a particular game is the rules or the mechanics of the game. Before exploring the different betting techniques to use, it will be helpful to understand every detail of how the game is played. Having a deep knowledge about a casino game will increase the probability that a player will win several rounds in that game. On the other hand, it is really possible that players suffer terrible losses if they do not know the mechanics of the game that they will be playing.

    The popularity of craps in most international casinos led to the development of another variation of the dice game which is known as crapless craps. Craps and crapless craps have similarities in their rules, however, there are some slight alterations in the mechanics of crapless craps. Some say that the modifications in the rules of the game have lessened the chances of players while there are also some who believe that the alterations improved the odds of players.

    According to professional crapless craps players, the game offers them better chance since they do not lose in a come out roll if they will place a pass bet. Another distinct rule in crapless craps is that players are not allowed to place a don't pass type of bet. In this game, all numbers aside from number seven is considered a point number. This means that players will not lose if they roll any of the four numbers which are two, three, eleven and twelve.

    One of the disadvantages of the game is that players lose a good chance of winning whenever they roll eleven. Unlike in craps, seven and eleven are the two numbers to be rolled to win the round. In the case of crapless craps, since eleven is considered as a point number, then players do not automatically wins whenever they roll this number.

    Even if crapless craps players are not allowed to place a don't pass type bet, they are allowed to place free odds bets. Gambling experts believe that these free odds bets improve the chance of players to win in a single round of the game. The use of these bets is proven to decrease the house edge of crapless craps to almost three percent.

    It is up to the players how they will view the modifications in the rules. They may perceive it in a negative way, but one thing is for sure, they should not lose hope every time they play this game. It is very helpful that they know every single detail of crapless craps because having a deep knowledge about how the game is played is the first step to enhance their odds.

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